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Stick to your Goals

You must go through the stages of training and the stages of your life yourself. Remember, no one can eat for you or sleep for you. No one can learn for you, no one can fail for you, and no one can win for you either.
Achieving an important goal in your life will not happen overnight, and it’s not meant to. You try and you fail, and you try again. In the process, all sorts of thoughts may spin through your mind. “Oh my God, this is embarrassing. It looks so simple. Why can’t I do it? Maybe I’m not cut out for this.” Remember to stick to your goals and do not become wrapped up emotionally in the doubt or fear or self-criticism.

See Dr. Tae Yun Kim’s article in Psychology Today.

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Find Your Own Identity


I am here to tell you that what you have experienced so far in your life is not “it.” It’s not the end of the story. With the right tools in hand, you can break away from that limited thinking and find a new identity—your own identity.

That is why I want to tell you a little of my own story. In order to create the life I desired and uncover my own identity and life purpose, I had to overcome the opinions and judgments of my family as well as a culture that sought to deny me what I wanted out of life.
Take a moment now and think about yourself. Have you ever had to stand up for yourself in the face of pressure from those who wanted to force you to live in a certain way? What sort of challenges are you facing now? What dreams are you fighting for?
The goal of life is not to convince every person you meet to like you. If you can connect heart to heart with those you are drawn to and with those who are drawn to you, that’s what will lead you to your own brand of success.  By Dr. Tae Yun Kim

Other references and articles:
1. Jung SuWon Martial Arts by Dr. Tae Yun Kim
2. Parabola Magazine: “I will Teach You” by Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim

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What’s Holding you Back?


“Training in the Martial Arts changed my life. It requires discipline, determination, patience, builds confidence & a healthy body, mind, and spirit. It teaches you how to overcome mental & physical obstacles. Overall it builds inner peace & inner power.”, by Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim.

Is there something you have your heart set on for a long time but have not achieved it? If you want something in your life, what’s holding you back? Check out Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim‘s new book SEVEN STEPS TO INNER POWER- How to Break Through to Awesome.  Learn the power of your Silent Master.

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Fight For Freedom


You must fight for your freedom. Thus, the purpose of the art of Jung SuWon

is to give you practical tools to free yourself from limiting, self-defeating

states of mind.  Free yourself, from yourself.  Discover your Silent Master.

By Dr. Tae Yun Kim

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Goodreads Give-A-Way Contest

Updated Front. Cover_Kim_Mech_011618_2_001
Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim, completely rewrote her new version of the SEVEN STEPS TO INNER POWER book with the emphasis on: How to Break Through to Awesome.  I find it to be an incredible book.  See the Book give-a-way contest on the Goodreads website and read it yourself.

Here is one of the reviews from another Best Selling Author, Marci Shimoff:

“An exciting new voice in self-transformation. Having broken through often-impenetrable barriers to women, the author shows us exactly how to let go of limited ways of thinking and break through every obstacle to our own life goals. Seven Steps to Inner Power is a remarkably timely and authentic guide to reaching new heights of happiness and achievement.”

—Marci Shimoff, New York Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason


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2018 goals?

How’s your 2018 going so far? Have the past five years of your life brought you what you want in life? Or are you just drifting through life, only to find out today, that your time was mostly wasted? You can start changing right now.   See my new version of SEVEN STEPS TO INNER POWER for inspiration on taking charge of your life.
by Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim.

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Extend Your Vision of Who You Are

Are you looking to extend your vision of who you are? The purpose of the book I wrote, SEVEN STEPS TO INNER POWER is to show you that you may have made limited choices based on limited information about yourself. Are you looking forward to asking the question, Who am I, really?
by Dr. Tae Yun Kim   –    reflections from students

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Being in the Moment

In my book, SEVEN STEPS TO INNER POWER, I share about the power of being in the moment. It means that true awareness means being right here where you are without worry or fear or obsession about the future or past.  by Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim.    * Training in Jung SuWon, allows people to challenge themselves, and learn to face their fears.
* In my book, The First Element- Secrets to Maximizing Your Energy, I dive into how to develop your energy.

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Stand up to the Sledge Hammer in your life

In my book, SEVEN STEPS TO INNER POWER I like to show people how limited their concept of energy might be. Although the bed of nails demonstration shows that we can exercise more control over energies than we might have, there are far more issues in your life. For instance, Do the “rules” say that because you lost your job, there’s no way to make a living now? Do you have a general expectation that you can’t have a successful relationship? Or a fulfilling career? Or a healthier, more attractive body? If so, it might be time to stand up to the sledge hammer coming down in your life and demonstrate that you can utilize your own Silent Master energy to overcome limitation in your life.

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Your Thoughts Create Your Reality (…)

Isn’t it true that most of the time we focus our thoughts and attention on our physical self and our physical life?  Yet our physical self is just one part of our total energy field.  We are both physical and spiritual beings.
Thinking about a spiritual self that seems to be outside the concerns of your physical life may seem impractical and unrealistic.  However, once you understand that this spiritual part of yourself is intimately involved in the life you create day by day, you will start to see and act differently.  The immaterial aspect of yourself, your spiritual being, is what provides the real energy behind any physical manifestation in life — driving it, creating it, sustaining it.  …

Learn more about my story:  Dr. Tae Yun Kim
Other books by Dr. Tae Yun Kim

Holly Chamberlain

Before we moved into our new office building, Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions’s CEO Great Grandmaster Dr. Tae Yun Kim toured employees through the building. In each area of the building Dr. Tae Yun Kim had posted “Future Memory” signs. For example, “Future memory – Cleanroom!” and “Future Memory – Cafeteria/Game room!” In some areas the future use of the area and its (then) configuration – meant a lot of mental visualization to see how it would end up looking after walls were moved and areas cleared.

A guest touring the building saw the signs and asked Dr. Tae Yun Kim, “What does ‘Future Memory’ mean?” Great Grandmaster explained that she teaches do not just set a goal, have a ‘future memory’ of the goal. A future memory is a step beyond, and stronger, than just setting a goal. With a future memory, in your mind you see the goal as having already been…

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